Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ask Linda #1772-Ball on wrong green off the course

Hello Linda,

Welcome back.  I am a Lou from Paris. 

I hit my second shot wide and the ball landed pin high about 40 yards right of the green. After I pitched on, and while walking to my ball, I noticed a hole, meaning that I was actually on an abandoned green of a different course. This area was not out of bounds. My friend said that I should take a two-stroke penalty under 25-3 for hitting a ball from a green. I should have taken relief. He claimed that it did not matter that it was from a different course or that it was abandoned (not mown, maintained and was full of weeds). Really? If I had not seen the hole, I would have never even thought it was a green.

Best Regards, 
Lou from Paris, France

Dear Lou,

The reason for prohibiting players from making a stroke on a wrong putting green is to protect the green from damage. An abandoned green that has not been maintained and is not one of the 18 greens on the course does not need protection. There is no penalty for hitting a ball that lies on an abandoned, overgrown green.

Additionally, the Definition of "Putting Green" requires that the ground be "specially prepared for putting." An abandoned, overgrown green does not meet the Definition of "Putting Green."

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