Friday, October 31, 2014

Ask Linda #941-Island within water hazard

Dear Linda,

My second shot landed on an island located within a water hazard. As the hazard was dry, I could climb up on the island. I would appreciate your reply to the following questions:

1.    Status of such island in golf rules.
2.    Can I ground my club while addressing the ball?
3.    Can I get a free drop outside the hazard?
4.    What is the status of this island if it was in a lateral water hazard?

Lou from Pakistan

Dear Lou,

The Definition of “Water Hazard” states that “all ground and water within the margin of a water hazard are part of the water hazard.” I will answer your questions based on the assumption that there are no stakes or lines around the perimeter of the island to indicate that it is not part of the hazard.

1. The island is part of the hazard.
2. You may not ground your club when you address the ball.
3. All of the relief options in Rule 26-1 for a ball in a water hazard include one penalty stroke.
4. An island within a water hazard or a lateral water hazard is in the hazard unless there are stakes or lines around the perimeter of the island indicating it is not part of the hazard.

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