Monday, June 24, 2019

Ask Linda 1940a-Follow-up to #1940 (Moving a movable obstruction)

Hi Linda,
I was under the impression that you only had relief if the obstruction affects your stance, swing or stroke. The fact that it is in your line of play is unfortunate and you are not allowed relief for line of site. I would appreciate your comments.
Lou from South Australia

Dear Lou,

You are confusing movable obstructions with immovable obstructions. 

Movable obstructions are artificial objects such as player equipment, rakes, flagsticks, golf carts, and plastic bags. You may move movable obstructions out of your way, regardless of where they lie [Rule 15.2].

Immovable obstructions are artificial objects such as buildings, artificially surfaced paths, sprinkler heads, drains, and interior fences. You are entitled to free relief when such objects are on the course and interfere with your lie, stance, or area of intended swing (except when your ball lies in a penalty area). There is no free relief available from interference by an immovable obstruction on your line of play [Rule 16.1].

Note that integral objects  (artificial objects defined by the Committee as part of the challenge of playing the course) and boundary objects (such as stakes, walls, or fences) are not obstructions. There is no free relief from these objects.

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