Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ask Linda 1922-MLR E-5; accidentally move ball; ACC in penalty area

Hey there,
My club is in controversy.
New OB ruling: Does your golf course have to OK the new ruling of distance and strokes? Or can the ladies organization on their own decide to play new rule?

Second new rule:
Tell me where to find this please: 
Ball in play off the tee... hit ball by accident taking a practice swing on fairway. Has that changed? Put ball back, no penalty?

Final! Burrowing animal hole in penalty area. Know you can move lots of things now, how about burrowing animal holes?

Thanks for your help.
Lulu from Palm Desert, California

Dear Lulu,

1. If you are referring to Model Local Rule E-5, the ladies’ organization may decide to adopt that Local Rule for league play.

2. Once a ball is in play, if the player accidentally moves her ball (with a practice swing or otherwise), she gets one penalty stroke and must replace the ball. There are Exceptions, most notably on the putting green. Please read Rule 9.4b.

3. There is no free relief from abnormal course conditions in a penalty area. See Rule 16.1a(2).

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