Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ask Linda #1829-Player creates divot to serve as a tee

Hi Linda - Lou here again in South Wales - hope all is well!

Watching the final day of the Ryder Cup opening shot in first pairing - Justin Thomas took his iron and smacked it into the ground on the teeing area creating a large sort of divot.

He then appeared to tee the ball up and hit a decent opening shot, etc.

My immediate reaction was he had affected something growing (e.g. his lie), or that he had a target on his line of site (the divot).

No commentators said anything, so it must be legal - so what was actually going on here? 

On the web I found this.........................but he created a divot, not a mound?

Do I have to use a tee peg?
You do not have to use a tee peg (on short par 3s, for example) and are permitted to create a small mound or tuft using the back of your club and place your ball on top of that to give yourself the perfect lie.

Kind regards,
Lou from Wales

Dear Lou,

The player is permitted to create a natural tee by banging a club into the ground to raise a mound of grass or dirt [Rule 11-1]. If you ever have the opportunity to watch Laura Davies play, you will see her use a club to raise the turf on the teeing ground to create a “natural” tee. This is perfectly legal.

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