Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ask Linda #924-Marking ball on green

Linda, when someone asks me to move my mark on the putting green and I use my putter to move it one or two club heads, according to the request of my fellow competitor, it is not necessary to place the ball, is it?

I mean in this procedure anyone is lifting and moving the mark while the head of the club is on the ground substituting the mark, right?

I am asking you this because in this procedure there is no ball and mark on the ground, just the head of the putter.

Can we use another procedure to move the mark?

Lou from Argentina

Dear Lou,

The position of the ball must always be marked. If you are asked to move your marker, place your clubhead to the side of the marker, align it with a fixed object (a tree, for example, not a goose), and move your marker to the other side of the clubhead. If you need to move the ball two clubheads, just repeat the procedure.

If you haven't lifted your ball yet, you may measure the clubhead length from the side of the ball, placing your marker on the far side of the clubhead. When you reverse the process, you will replace the ball (not the marker and then the ball). 

Tip: Try placing your marker upside down on the green as a reminder that you have moved your ball and will need to replace it. 

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