Friday, November 16, 2018

Ask Linda #1845-Player whiffs on tee

Dear readers, 
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Dear Linda,
Thank you for your informed replies. We have a question.

Player A tees his ball and misses his ball with his stroke. He claims his ball is not yet in play so the "airshot" does not count. The other players say it was a stroke and so counts as one stroke. Advise please.

Yours ,
Lou from Dublin, Ireland

Dear Lou,

A “stroke” is defined as the forward movement of the club with the intention to hit the ball. A ball is “in play” as soon as a player makes a stroke at his ball on the teeing ground [Definition of “Ball in Play”].

When the player swung and missed his ball on the tee he made a stroke. There is no requirement in the Definition that the club actually contact the ball. The player intended to hit the ball; he just missed. Since he made a stroke at the ball, his ball is in play. His next attempt to hit the ball will be his second shot on the hole.

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