Friday, November 17, 2017

Ask Linda #1648-Teeing ground

On any given tee that has markers (e.g., gold-blue-white, etc.), must a player who chooses to play (gold-blue-white, etc.) tee up the ball right between the markers, or it is allowable to hit any drive behind those markers?

My purpose for asking is, one member of our group insists that whichever marker you select to hit from you must be in line with the corresponding marker on the opposite side of the tee. I will on occasion tee up my ball behind the markers, and he insists that is not allowed.

Lou from Montrose, Colorado

Dear Lou,

The teeing ground is a rectangular area. The front and sides are defined by the outside limits of the two tee markers. The depth is limited to two club-lengths [Definition of “Teeing Ground”]. You may tee up your ball anywhere in that rectangle. Note that your feet do not have to be within the rectangle – the requirement refers only to the ball.

Assuming that by “behind” you mean “within two club-lengths,” your friend is mistaken.

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