Friday, August 3, 2018

Ask Linda #1773-Move stones in bunker

Can I move small stones in the bunker?
Lulu from Massapequa, New York

Dear Lulu,

Removing stones from a bunker when your ball lies in the same bunker is only permissible via a Local Rule. Please read this FAQ from the USGA, which answers your question very succinctly:

Rule 23-1
Stones in Bunkers
Q.What is the status of stones in bunkers?
A.Stones are by definition loose impediments regardless of their location. Thus, when the ball and the stone lie in or touch the same hazard, the stone may not be removed. However, a Committee may adopt a Local Rule stating that stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. Unless this Local Rule is put into effect by the Committee, players may not remove stones in bunkers without penalty.

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