Monday, August 6, 2018

Ask Linda #1774-Penalty discovered too late

Dear Linda,
Last Saturday was our monthly medal. In my group of three players, Player A teed off forward of the tee box marker (outside the tee box). When his attention was drawn to it, he elected to play another ball at the proper place, but with no penalty. He won the monthly mug.
As I was going through the rulebook today, I found that in the light of Rule 11-4b, he should have incurred a two-stroke penalty for teeing off outside the tee box. I immediately sent a message to him confirming my findings. What should be done about it, please?
Thank you.
Lou from Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Dear Lou,

A penalty must not be imposed after the competition has closed [Rule 34-1b]. The player’s score stands.

If the player had known he had incurred a penalty, or if someone had pointed out the penalty to him and he subsequently failed to include it in his score (or failed to discuss the situation with the Committee prior to submitting his scorecard), the player would be subject to disqualification under Rule 34-1b, Exception (iii). The Committee must disqualify a player after the competition has closed if the player failed to include a penalty of which he was aware.

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