Friday, January 27, 2017

Ask Linda #1469-Penalty for double hit

Thank you for your awesome answers. My question for you is if you accidentally double hit your ball is it 2 or 3 shots? I was under the belief it was 2, but was penalized for 3 in a competition: one for my hit, one for the double hit, and one for hitting a ball in motion.
Kind regards
Lulu from New Zealand

Dear Lulu,

Someone is getting overzealous with penalties!

Your understanding is correct. When a player hits the ball more than once with one swing, count the stroke and add one penalty stroke [Rule 14-4]. There is no additional penalty for hitting a ball in motion.

Note that the Rule does not say “double hit.” It says “more than once.” If you happen to contact the ball several times with one swing, your score will be the same as a double hit – one stroke for the swing and one penalty stroke for the violation.

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