Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ask Linda #1451-Drop outside a bunker

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your great blog!
I am confused about Bunkers.
I know a bunker is considered as a Hazard. My bunker game is terrible and every time I am in the bunker it costs me a 3-shot minimum. Could I have any option to drop outside of the bunker and take the penalty? If the answer is yes, what would be the penalty?
After reading the Rule I can't find a clear answer to this question.
Lou from England

Dear Lou,

If you declare the ball “unplayable,” one of the options for an unplayable ball is to drop and play a ball from the spot where your original ball was last played [Rule 28a]. Assuming you last played your original ball outside the bunker, this would be the way to get out of the bunker with a one-stroke penalty.

A better piece of advice would be to invest in some how-to-get-out-of-a-bunker lessons.

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