Thursday, January 5, 2017

Ask Linda #1453-Add lead tape to grip

Hi Linda,
I ran into this situation playing with some neighborhood golfers. One of the fellows had a couple of wraps of lead tape around the butt end of the grip covered in duct tape. I'm pretty sure that a well-affixed weight is within the rules. My question is does the bulkiness of the duct tape constitute a modification to the grip profile, making it illegal? It's as if the butt end of the club has a stop where the player can cradle the heel of his top hand to prevent slippage. Your thoughts are appreciated.
Lou from The Villages, Florida

Dear Lou,

It is permissible to add lead tape to a club, including the grip. However, the grip must still meet the requirement that it be straight and plain. The grip may be tapered, but may not have a bulge or waist. No part of the grip may have a diameter exceeding 1.75 inches (44.45 mm). Please read Appendix II, Design of Clubs, #3 Grip.

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