Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ask Linda #1467-Water overflows hazard

Linda, there is a water hazard in front of our first green. With all the rain this weekend the overflow has stretched out of the hazard and back to the fairway. If you land in this water, which is outside the hazard markers, I have been told that you cannot take relief without penalty because it is deemed to be part of the hazard. Surely a ball which is in water on the fairway cannot be deemed to be in the hazard.
Lou from Leeds, England

Dear Lou,

Surely it cannot! Water that overflows past the hazard markers is casual water. The player is entitled to free relief under Rule 25-1b (i) [Decision 25/2].

If it is not possible to determine whether the ball lies in the water hazard or the overflow, the player must take relief under the water hazard Rule [Decision 1-4/7].

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