Friday, January 13, 2017

Ask Linda #1459-Spectator cleans player’s ball

Linda, cannot find anything in the rules/decisions to cover this:
Playing a four-ball better-ball match under pick and place winter conditions, a player’s partner cleans his ball after marking.
As a follow on, could a player in stroke play, after lifting his ball under the rules and allowed to clean his ball, throw his ball to a spectator to clean it ?
Lou from Bodicote (near London), UK

Dear Lou,

When the Rules allow the ball to be cleaned, anyone may clean it. The Rules are very specific when they limit a particular action to a particular person or persons. For example, Rule 20-2 requires that the player himself must drop a ball, while 20-1 allows the player, his partner, or a person authorized by the player to lift a ball. Rule 20-1, which tells you when you may clean a ball, places no restrictions on who may clean it.

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