Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ask Linda #1462-Are sangliers burrowing animals?

Dear Linda
I am chair of the committee responsible for ruling on competitions at our club in SW France.
Several places on the course are temporarily quite badly damaged by sangliers (wild boar). These animals dig up large patches of ground, usually fairway, leaving turf turned over, often with holes several inches deep, looking for roots to eat.
My question: are these animals included in 'burrowing' therefore ROG covers free relief, or do we need to create a special Temporary Local Rule?
Lou from SW France

Dear Lou,

Sangliers are not burrowing animals. If they were, you would have bigger problems than wondering how to provide relief – these animals weigh 100–200 pounds!

Decision 33-8/32.5 allows the Committee to make a Local Rule declaring damage by non-burrowing animals to be ground under repair. The Committee would not be obligated to mark those areas. It would also have the option to state that interference to the player's stance would not be considered interference from the condition.

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