Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ask Linda #1368-Relief from two immovable obstructions

Hi Linda,
This may have been asked before and I tried to find an answer on your blog (which is very well organized and I love it) but perhaps I didn't specify the details correctly.

What happens when there are two immovable, man-made objects? For example, the ball is on the cart path and "full relief" then puts you in a spot where you would hit a sign post in your back swing.

I guess I'm really asking the definition of “full relief:” would the determination include both objects at the same time or one object (the path) followed by full relief from the second object (the sign)?  

Lulu from Kelowna, British Columbia

Dear Lulu,

Take your relief one problem at a time. If you have interference from a cart path, and you decide to take relief, you must find the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole and drop within one club-length of that spot. After you drop, if you now have interference from another immovable obstruction and wish to take relief, you must apply the relief procedure to your new situation [Decision 1-4/8].

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