Friday, August 19, 2016

Ask Linda #1365-Divot on line of putt

Hi Linda,
When playing today, my ball landed right behind a large divot someone made on the putting green. The divot was about 6 inches long and about 5 inches away from the cup, filled with sand, right in my line of putt.
I was wondering if I am allowed relief from the divot. It was in a state of repair. Would this be considered as unusual ground or ground under repair?
Thanks for a reply.

Lulu from Burbank, California

Dear Lulu,

If you are just playing with friends, move the ball to the nearest spot no closer to the hole where the divot will not interfere with your line of putt. If you are playing in a tournament, and no official is available, play two balls under Rule 3-3 (one as it lies and one with complete relief) and bring the matter to the Committee for a ruling. (Don't forget to declare which ball you wish to count before you hit either of them.) They should rule that the divot is ground under repair and that you are entitled to free relief.

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