Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ask Linda #1352-How much time to look for two provisionals?

Dear wise and gracious Linda,

I found a ball that was driven into the bank on the 12th hole at Cherry Wood in Truxall, Pennsylvania, with LuLu written on it in big block letters. Lulu, if you would like your ball back, I left it behind the left rear tire of the abandoned car left of the 18th fairway.

On the same 18th hole today, I hit two balls into the high stuff right of the fairway. I put my third ball in play. The question I had is this: do I get 5 minutes to look for my original ball and another 5 minutes to look for my first provisional? Does it matter if they are more or less co-located as opposed say to being on opposite sides of the fairway? (This is my nemesis hole and I have at times lost balls both left and right in the same “at bat.”). Do I have to look for the balls in the order that I hit them?

Today I found the original, took a drop, saved my 8, and went back and found my lob wedge which had apparently fallen through the hole in my bag (how long do I get to look for a lob wedge???). Altogether a successful hole.

Lou from Truxall, Pennsylvania

Dear Lou,

If the balls are located in the same general area, such that a search for one will essentially be a search for both, you are permitted a maximum of five minutes to search. If the two balls are in completely different locations, you have five minutes to search for each ball [Decision 27/4].

Regarding the order of search, please use some common sense. The original is the one you have the most interest in locating, so you might want to search for that one first. I would hope that your fellow competitors would join the hunt to save time. If you find the original, play it right away. Afterwards, you can give a cursory look for your provisionals if no one has found them, but please don’t delay everyone’s play hunting for balls that are no longer in play.

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