Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ask Linda #1358-Player’s putt strikes opponent’s ball on green

Hi Linda–
Both balls on green. A’s ball is to be putted first. B’s ball is not marked. A’s ball hits B’s ball & A’s ball goes into hole. Is that no penalty for A and she holed out on her last stroke? Thank you for assistance.
Lulu from Motueka, New Zealand

Dear Lulu,

Yes. There is no penalty in match play if you putt your ball on the green and it strikes your opponent’s ball on the green. You must play the ball as it lies. If it is deflected into the hole, lucky you – your ball is holed [Rule 19-5a].

The Rule is different in stroke play, where the ball would still be holed but you would incur a two-stroke penalty.

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