Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ask Linda #1364-Play from wrong place during better-ball match

Hello Linda,
I was involved in a better ball match play tournament. My partner hit out of a bunker onto the green and while she was raking the bunker I marked her ball. Unfortunately I placed MY ball at her marker and putted the ball. My opponent immediately called me on it and told me it was a loss of hole. My partner was lying 3, I was lying two, and our opponents were lying 3. I didn't know what the ruling was so we picked up the other marker and moved to the next hole. What is the ruling? Could I have gone over to the other marker and putted out with a one-stroke penalty? Was it wrong information?
Thank you,
Lulu from Abington, Massachusetts

Dear Lulu,

In singles match play, when you replace your ball at the wrong place and hit it you lose the hole [Rule 20-7b]. In a better-ball match, the penalty does not apply to your partner; your team does not lose the hole due to your infraction. In effect, you are disqualified from the hole. Your partner incurs a one-stroke penalty because you lifted her ball marker [Rule 18-2]. She may replace the marker and continue to play [Rule 30-3f].

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