Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ask Linda #1353-Tee shot hits tree and lands behind teeing ground

Hi Linda,
My friend the other day was teeing off and he hit a tree and the ball bounced back behind all the tee-off areas. He thinks he is allowed to re-tee and I said you have to hit it where it lies. Could you settle this for us?
Thank you….
Lou from Dundas, Ontario

Dear Lou,

The player has two choices:
(1) Play the ball as it lies. This will be his second shot on the hole.
(2) Declare the ball unplayable and re-tee, counting the first stroke as well as a penalty stroke. This is known as playing under “stroke and distance” [Rule 27-1a]. His second shot from the tee will be his third stroke on the hole.

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