Friday, August 12, 2016

Ask Linda #1360-Prohibited use of cart

Last week in a senior section competition an 83-year-old player was offered a ride in another player’s buggy. The owner of the buggy had a medical certificate permitting him to use the buggy. The 83-year-old gentleman did not. A player behind also using a buggy and having a medical certificate witnessed the gentleman making use of the buggy and advised him he would be disqualified for using the buggy in the competition without having a medical certificate. Are you aware of this rule? I cannot find anything in the rules index relating to buggies.
Apparently the argument is that using a buggy and not having a medical exemption puts a player at an advantage over others. If this is so then surely using an electric trolley puts a player at an advantage over a player carrying his/her clubs.
Thank you,

Dear Lou,

The Committee has the option to ban motorized transportation in a tournament as a Condition of the Competition. Players with physical disabilities may be exempted from this ban [Appendix I, Part C: Conditions of the Competition, #8].

When the Committee requires players to walk, a player who rides in a stroke-play tournament incurs a two-stroke penalty at each hole where he breaches the rule, maximum four strokes per round. In match play, the status of the match is adjusted (maximum two holes).

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