Monday, August 22, 2016

Ask Linda #1366-Drop from unplayable lie onto cart path

Linda – we had this issue come up recently and would like your opinion as well as reference to the rule or decision that would be applicable.

Player deems his ball unplayable through the green. His drop either under Rule 28b or 28c would be on a large cart path. Is he permitted to drop on a cart path and play from that spot, assuming ball rolls less than 2 club lengths after dropped? Or, once he drops on path, would he be able to take relief from path? Or, is he not entitled to drop on a path even if within 28b/28c?

Lou from Texas

Dear Lou,

When you decide to declare your ball unplayable, you must drop within the area prescribed by Rule 28. If you choose 28c, for example, you must drop within two club-lengths of where your ball lay. If the two club-lengths relief means you will be on a cart path, you must drop on the cart path. If the ball remains on the cart path after it is dropped and the drop is good (see Rule 20-2c for when you must re-drop), you now have two options: play the ball as it lies on the path or take relief from an immovable obstruction under Rule 24-2b.

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