Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ask Linda #1363-Match halted due to weather

Dear readers,
I have expanded my answer to Ask Linda  #1361. Please revisit that column:

Lulu and Annie were playing against each other in Singles Match Play. At the end of hole #5, play was suspended due to severe weather and rescheduled for the next morning. Do we resume play on Hole #6 or do we have to start the match all over on Hole #1?
Should this have been discussed among the players before the match began?
Thanks, we are having a difference of opinion.
Lulu from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear Lulu,

Regardless of whether play resumes later in the day or on some future day, you must pick up the match where you left off. In the situation you describe, play will begin on Hole #6 when you return the following morning. The results from the first five holes stand. So if Lulu was 2-up after five holes, she will still be 2-up when the two ladies begin play on the 6th hole [Rule 6-8d].

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