Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ask Linda #1095-Ball in motion moves ball at rest

Today at our club tournament one lady’s ball hit another’s ball. Both balls were just off the green. The ball that was hit was pushed sideways about 10 feet. The hitter’s ball carried onto the green.
Should the ball that was hit be replaced? Does the hitter get to leave her ball where it landed?
Thanks for your help.
Lulu from Surrey, BC, Canada

Dear Lulu,

When a ball at rest is moved by a ball in motion, the ball that was at rest must be replaced [Rule 18-5]. The ball that was in motion must be played as it lies [Rule 19-5a].

In your narrative, both balls were off the green. However, had they both been on the green, in stroke play there would be a two-stroke penalty to the player whose ball in motion hit the ball at rest. In match play, there would be no penalty.

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