Friday, July 17, 2015

Ask Linda 1107-Unaware of hole-in-one

Dear Madam,
I hope you can help in this question. 3 people drive off on a par 3. All balls run onto the green. When the people arrive on green they find 2 balls on green and start to look for the third. After a while, the person says he’ll go back and play another ball, and do so deeming the first ball lost. Then they discover his first ball in the hole. The question: Did he get a hole in one or does he miss out as he deemed it lost? This happened.
Lou from Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland

Dear Lou,

The player’s score counts as soon as the ball is holed. Nothing he does or says afterward will affect his score. The player had a hole-in-one [Decision 1-1/2].

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