Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ask Linda #1100-Ball thought in hazard later found

Hi Linda, love, love, love your knowledge & down to earth explanations.

At a Par 3 I played my ball & thought it was in a lateral water hazard, as did my fellow competitor. I proceeded to the drop zone, dropped a ball & played onto green & holed out. I was then informed that my ball was not in the hazard. I return to the tee but what stroke am I playing. I played a wrong ball = 2 stroke penalty, I played from a wrong place = 2 stroke penalty, or is this covered by 1-4/12, "when one act results in two rules being breached 1 penalty is applied"? Thanks.
Lulu from Scotland

Dear Lulu,

Since both you and your competitor were virtually certain the ball was in the hazard, you must count your score with the ball you played from the Dropping Zone.

While it is unlikely you will find a ball outside a hazard when everyone is certain it is in the hazard, it does happen on occasion. Since you sincerely believed it was in the hazard, and everyone concurred, the ball you dropped was in play as soon as you dropped it. At that point, you may not play the original, even if it is found before you hit the dropped ball [Decision 26-1/3.5].

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