Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ask Linda #1109-Re-tee when returning to teeing ground

Three of us recently discussed whether you can tee your ball up again if taking an unplayable and going back to the tee. One of the options for an unplayable is to go back to where you played your previous shot. If you are in the fairway, you obviously can't tee up your ball. But if you play again from the tee, is it the same or are you entitled to use a tee?

We checked the rules book and the decision book but couldn't find this addressed specifically.

Lulu from Halifax, Canada

Dear Lulu,

The answer is in Rule 20-5a. When a player chooses (e.g., unplayable ball, ball in water hazard) or is required (e.g., ball lost or out of bounds) to return to the spot where she made her previous stroke, and that spot happens to be the teeing ground, she may play the ball from anywhere within the teeing ground and she may re-tee the ball.

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