Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ask Linda #1112a-Follow-up to #1112, Finding the Nearest Point of Relief

Hi Linda,
I have two questions that are related to this subject as follows;

1. Assuming that the ball is in a certain position on the buggy track that mandates a right-handed golfer to drop it on the left side because the left side happened to be the nearest point of relief but this very position at the same time mandates a left-handed golfer to drop the ball on the right side of the fairway. Under the said situation, may a right-handed golfer invoke his rights to play left-handed so that he can take the free drop on the right side of the fairway so as to get away from the trees on the left that may obstruct his swing.

2. Assuming he is allowed to do so and after dropping the ball, he decides to play right-handed but his feet are still on the buggy track, is this golfer entitled to drop the ball again so that he can have complete relief. 

Trust you would shed some light on this matter which I believe has been a subject of argument among many golfers.

Best regards,
Lou from Johore, Malaysia

Dear Lou,

Absolutely not! While a right-handed golfer may play left-handed any time he wishes (reverse this for a left-handed golfer), he does not have the “right” to relief for an abnormal (left-handed) stroke if his reason is to escape a poor lie. Please read Decisions 24-2b/17 and 24-2b/18.

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