Monday, July 13, 2015

Ask Linda #1103-Posting tournament scores

Hi Linda,

I have a two-part question about posting scores on the GHIN handicap system.

I play in two golf leagues, and every week we play a different tournament. I have always posted these scores as home or away. Recently my one league had a "President's Cup" tournament and we were told to post the score on the GHIN as a tournament score.

My first question is do we just post "special” tournaments (e.g., President's Cup and Club Championship) as tournaments, or should we be posting every week as a tournament score? Secondly, what is the difference in calculating handicaps, home, away, versus tournaments?

Thank you so much for your help, and all that you do to explain golf rules.
Lulu from Bayville, New Jersey 

Dear readers,
The following answer only applies to players governed by the USGA Handicap System.

Dear Lulu,

Tournament scores, or T-scores, are used to designate scores made in special competitions where the Committee in charge of the competition announces that the scores are to be posted as T-scores. Annual competitions such as your President’s Cup or a Club Championship would come under this designation; regular, weekly play days generally would not. Unless you are instructed to post a round as a T-score, post it as a home or away score, depending on whether you play at your home club or elsewhere.

There is no difference between home and away scores in the calculation of your handicap. Tournament scores, or T-scores, are another story. They remain in your scoring record for 12 months. If you have two tournament scores whose differentials are at least 3.0 lower than your Handicap Index, your handicap may be reduced. You would know this if your Index included an “R,” such as 12.2R. If you would like to read how a reduced handicap is calculated, visit the USGA website (, click on Handicap Manual in the drop-down menu under Handicapping, click on Section 10, and scroll down to 10-3.

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