Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ask Linda 1104-Relief from distance poles

Dear Linda,

Do you get line-of-sight relief from the pole distance-markers in the middle of the fairway? I consider them a normal part of the course, and therefore no relief is allowed. Some of my partners either move their ball to the side (not related to stance or swing relief), or physically pull the pole out of the shaft buried in the ground - even when it is 20 feet away! One person says the pole is in two parts specifically so it can be moved out of line-of-site. I think it is in two parts so the grounds crew can mow the fairway.

Thank you,
Lulu from Stillwater, Oklahoma

Dear Lulu,

The pole distance markers are movable obstructions. Players may remove them at any time, even when their ball is 20 feet away [Rule 24-1]. What they may not do is move the ball to the side. The option to drop away from an obstruction is limited to immovable obstructions that interfere with your stance or the area of your intended swing.

Whenever you encounter a man-made object on a golf course that is designed to be removed, you may remove it.

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