Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ask Linda #1111-Remove loose impediments on green while ball off green

Hello Linda,
If I'm off the putting surface and chipping from the fringe, can I move loose impediments on the green, such as sand, leaves and twigs, etc., that are lying on the green in the line of my chip shot?
Or is it against the rules and it must be left on the putting surface?
Look forward to your answer.
Lou from Ivybridge, England

Dear Lou,

You may remove loose impediments on the green when your ball lies off the green.

The Rule is the same as it was in 2011 when I wrote the following column:  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi Linda,

If putting from off the green are you able to clear sand that is on the green from the greenside bunker?
Kind regards,

Dear Lou,

Yes, Lou. You may remove sand from the putting green when your ball does not lie on the green. Sand on the putting green (but not elsewhere) is a loose impediment [Definition of Loose Impediments]. Players are permitted to remove loose impediments without penalty anywhere, except when both the ball and the loose impediment are lying in the same hazard [Rule 23-1].

Be aware that when your ball is not on the green, if your ball moves as a result of moving a loose impediment you will be penalized one stroke and you must replace your ball [Rule 18-2a]. There is no penalty if you accidentally move your ball in the process of removing a loose impediment if your ball is on the green.

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