Friday, July 10, 2015

Ask Linda #1102-Rake bunker in foursomes

Dear Linda,
In foursomes match play (alternate shot), Player A plays the ball out of the bunker and puts it out of bounds. Partner B must then drop a ball in the bunker in the same place and play.
Now the question is, can Player B rake over her partner's footprints and obvious gouge left when the ball was hit, or can Player A rake over her own footprints and obvious gouge left when she hit the ball out of the bunker before her partner drops her ball, or should there be no raking by either of them?
Lulu from Belfast

Dear Lulu,

Either player may rake the bunker while the ball is out of the bunker [Rule 13-4, Exception #2]. Once the ball is dropped in the bunker, neither player may rake footprints near the ball, as such action would improve the area of the player’s stance [Rule 13-2]. Retrieve the ball, rake the bunker, then drop.

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