Friday, March 16, 2018

New Rules for 2019

Dear readers,

The publication of the new Rules of Golf for 2019 has encouraged some of you to ask me what I think of them. Please understand that the purpose of my blog is to explain the Rules, not comment on them. If I were to embark on opinion pieces I would have no time to live my life! Therefore, I will not answer any questions seeking opinions about 2019. I will leave it to you and your friends to debate the merits of the new Rules.

I am also receiving responses to my columns pointing out that the Rule regarding whatever question I answered will change next year. I am well aware that many Rules will be turned on their heads in 2019. However, I firmly believe that overloading answers to rules’ questions in 2018 with the changes for 2019 will only serve to confuse everyone. I plan to answer all questions in 2018 with only the Rules that pertain to this year. I will endeavor to explain the new Rules for 2019 next year, when they are in effect.