Monday, March 12, 2018

Ask Linda #1717-Taking stance in bunker causes ball to move

Hi Linda,
Today a guy found himself in a difficult position with his ball stuck under the turf lip of a bunker. It was a greenside bunker, quite large and with a high front slope. Anyway, his ball wedged high up the face of the bunker and under the lip of the grass. The ball WAS in the bunker. So upon taking his stance, the weight of the player caused a sand slide and it resulted in the ball being dislodged with it rolling down the bunker face to the middle of the bunker.

Now the questions, I believe he incurs a penalty for moving his ball that was in play and I believe he should replace the ball too. Is that correct or does he play his ball from its new position?

Kind regards,
Lou from Sunshine Coast, Australia

Dear Lou,

Your understanding is correct.

The player was responsible for causing the sand slide that moved his ball. When a player causes his ball to move, he incurs a one-stroke penalty and must replace his ball [Rule 18-2].

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