Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ask Linda #1715-Players in match decide to use preferred lies

Hi Linda,
During a team match-play event where the weather was atrocious it was stated that preferred lies were not available and therefore play the ball as it lies.

Two players playing in a match against each other decided that they were going to play preferred lies.

The question is, can they agree to waive a rule and not penalise themselves because it’s match play?

Kind regards,
Lou from Sunshine Coast, Australia

Dear Lou,

Both players would be disqualified under Rule 1-3 for agreement to waive a Rule. Rule 1-3 applies to both match play and stroke play.

However, they might be allowed to agree to discontinue play and complete the match later in the day, or perhaps another day. The Exception to Rule 6-8 for match play only states: “Players discontinuing match play by agreement are not subject to disqualification, unless by doing so the competition is delayed.” If the players played their match before the deadline (e.g., on February 6, with a deadline to complete the match by February 9), they could agree to stop play and complete their match on February 7, 8, or 9, picking up where they left off.

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