Monday, March 5, 2018

Ask Linda #1712-Post scores when limit on number of clubs

Hi Linda,
This is probably a silly question but I cannot find a specific ruling about the minimum number of clubs one has to have to play and post a score. We have a 4-club-and-a-putter game at our club. Some of the ladies feel they should post and others feel they should not post the round. The Rules of Golf speak to the maximum number of clubs allowed but not on the limitation on the number of clubs.
Any suggestions or clarification would be most appreciated.
Lulu from Burbank, California

Dear readers,
Lulu did some research and found the answer to her question in The USGA Handicap System manual. Good job, Lulu! Below is her answer, which may not apply to those of you who are not governed by the USGA handicap system.* As you will learn, while the player may choose to play a round with less than 14 clubs and post her score, she may not post a score when the number or type of clubs that may be used in the competition is limited.

Hello Linda,
Sorry to have bothered you, I found the rule in my handicap manual. Section 5-1e (iii) states:

“Scores made under the following conditions are not acceptable for handicap purposes and must not be entered in the player's scoring record:

(iii) When, as a condition of the competition, the maximum number of clubs allowed is less than 14, or types of clubs are limited as, for example, in a competition that allows only iron clubs;

Thank you for your support.

* Further information from an English rules official:
The same rule applies to CONGU and to the best of my knowledge to the EGA and Australian systems. The requirement of all systems is that they are played to the Rules of Golf. It is against the Rules to limit the number or type of club (except to the 14 max).