Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ask Linda #1713-Agreement to halve a hole or skip a hole in a match

1. In singles Match play, player A and player B had finished hole 3. They then teed off on hole 4, which is a par 3 and landed near the green. They were aware that they had lost ground on the group in front so decided to agree to halve hole 4. Presumably that is acceptable.

2. However, another group decided to miss a hole out all together but called it a half. Are they disqualified for not playing the stipulated round and basically agreeing to waive the rules?

Thank you for any advice.
Lulu from the UK

Dear Lulu,

1. Players may agree to halve a hole, provided at least one of them has hit a stroke on the hole. Players A and B proceeded correctly in their match. If neither player had hit a stroke, both would be disqualified under Rule 1-3 for agreeing to waive a rule of golf (the requirement in Rule 2-1 to play a stipulated round), unless neither player knew this would be a breach of the Rules (in which case there would be no disqualification) [Decision 2-1/1.5].

2. The answer is the same for two players who agree to omit a hole (or holes). If they are aware this is a breach, they are disqualified; if they are not aware, the match stands [Decision 2-1/4].

In the case of players inadvertently omitting a hole, there would be no penalty and the match would stand [Decision 2-1/3].

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