Monday, March 19, 2018

Ask Linda #1721-Lift, clean, replace, and lift again

Dear Linda,
We currently have a temporary local rule of “Lift, clean, and replace” on closely mown areas through the green in place at our golf course due to wet weather and worm castings on fairways. 
My partner’s ball landed 1 metre off the edge of the green. He marked, lifted, cleaned, and replaced his ball. He left the marker in position and then lifted his ball again, realigning it in preparation for the putt onto the green. Was the ball already in play once he had replaced the ball? 
Does a penalty apply? 
Please advise, Linda.
Lulu from Adelaide, South Australia

Dear Lulu,

Once the ball is replaced, it is in play. If the player lifts her ball a second time she has breached Rule 18-2 and will incur a one-stroke penalty. 


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