Friday, June 30, 2017

Ask Linda #1564-Who may replace ball?

Hi Linda,
Would greatly appreciate your answer on the following:

Players A, B & C are on the green; player D is in the greenside bunker; player D hits his ball out of the bunker to within 2 feet of the hole; player D then proceeds to rake the bunker.
In order to speed up play, player D asks player A to mark his (player D’s) ball whilst he is raking the bunker.
Player A marks player D`s ball.

Who is now allowed to replace player D’s ball?

-          Can/must it be player A?
-          Can/must it be player D?
-          Can it be player B or C??

Much appreciated,
Lou from South Africa

Dear Lou,

The ball may be replaced by the player, his partner, or the player who marked and lifted it [Rule 20-3a]. Accordingly, Player D (the owner of the ball) may replace it, or Player A (who was asked to mark and lift it) may replace it. If Player B or C is D’s partner, he may replace the ball; otherwise he may not.

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