Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ask Linda #1556-Player moves interfering ball on green

Thanks for all your work as you teach us how to understand rules… here’s as issue I hadn’t come across before.

On the green - Two competitors, A and B, are on about the same line. Player A is between player B and the hole.

Player A, thinking that he will be asked to move his marker by player B, moves it.

Player B says that because A moved the ball unbidden by B, A incurs a one-stroke penalty.

Is this correct?

Lou from Hackettstown, New Jersey

Dear Lou,

There is no penalty on the putting green for moving your ball a putter-head length to the side without being asked to do so. You will be penalized one stroke if you take that same initiative when your ball is off the putting green [Rule 22-2, Note 1].

You may also ask another player if he would like you to move your ball mark, which may be on his line of putt. This offer does not constitute “advice.”

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