Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ask Linda #1546-Require that another player not mark his ball

In match play, if I am chipping from off the green, may I demand that my opponent not mark his ball?
In the same scenario, may I demand that my partner not mark his ball?

Same two questions if I am putting from on the green instead of chipping from off the green.

Thank you!
Lou from Philadelphia area

Dear Lou,

If a player believes a ball might assist another player, he may lift it if it is his, or require the owner of the ball to lift it [Rule 22-1]. Accordingly, you may not prevent your opponent from marking and lifting his ball. The location of the ball to be lifted (or the ball being hit) –on or off the green– is irrelevant.

If your partner’s ball is in a position to help you, he may leave it in place unless one of your opponents requests that the ball be lifted.

Any request to lift a ball that might assist another player must be honored. The Rule applies to both match play and stroke play, except that in stroke play, a player who has been asked to lift his ball may play first rather than lift the ball.

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