Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ask Linda #1557-Start earlier than assigned time

Dear Linda,
Is there a rule in golf controlling start times in competitions?

We recently played our Champion of Champions (Trophy &Medal winners) and the qualifying participants were drawn in groups of three with the first group scheduled to tee off at 9am. Unfortunately a group of 4 qualifying participants teed off 40 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time. 

I welcome your comments and send my regards,
Lou from Peacehaven,  East Sussex

Dear Lou,

Rule 6-3 requires that the player start at his assigned time. The penalty for starting too early or too late is disqualification.

The penalty is reduced to two strokes in stroke play (loss of hole in match play) for players who arrive late but within five minutes of their starting time, or for players who start no more than five minutes early [Decision 6-3a/5].

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