Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ask Linda #1563-Lift another player’s ball on green without permission

While putting, a friend of mine has a nasty habit of marking my ball and knocking it off the green if it is within his field of vision without asking me to mark it. My ball is not near his line of putt so I would not consider it necessary to mark. However I do understand Rule 22-2 and decision 22/1. Under rule 18-3.b I can assess a one-stroke penalty but under 18-4 there is nothing I can do. How can I handle this situation?
Lou from Stuart, Florida

Dear Lou,

You might want to start by asking (or telling) your friend not to touch your ball on the green. If he is truly a friend, he should oblige.

In match play, your opponent would incur a one-stroke penalty under Rule 18-3b.

There is no penalty in stroke play [Rule 18-4]; there is no recourse under the Rules. However, you have not authorized this player to lift your ball; he has no business lifting it without your permission. 

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