Monday, June 19, 2017

Ask Linda #1555-Opponent knocks ball away from lip of hole

Dear Linda,
In a match, my ball stopped on the lip on the high side of the cup. My opponent said it was good and tapped the ball back to me. My question is, since I am allowed 10 seconds to see if the ball would fall in the hole and my opponent moved my ball prior to that time lapse, what happens? Do I replace my ball and give it the 10 seconds? Does my opponent incur any penalty? We halved the hole with bogies.
Love your stuff and thank you,
Lulu from Hollywood, Florida

Dear Lulu,

Your opponent loses the hole. She infringed your right under Rule 16-2 to walk immediately to the hole and wait no more than ten seconds to see whether the ball will fall into the hole [Decision 16-2/2].

You were putting for par, to win the hole. Had you been putting for bogey, to halve the hole, your opponent would not lose the hole – the hole would be halved [Rule 2-2].

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