Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ask Linda #1408-Ball touches empty can in hazard

Hi Linda, 
If a ball comes to rest against an empty can in a hazard, what is the ruling please? I believe you have got to play it as it lies or take a penalty drop???
Lou from Wales, UK

Dear Lou,

A player is entitled to free relief from movable obstructions.

An empty can is a movable obstruction. Since your ball is not in or on the can, you may remove the can. There is no penalty. If the ball moves, you must replace it [Rule 24-1a].

If the ball had rolled into the can, you would lift the can, remove the ball, and drop the ball as near as possible to the spot directly under where the ball lay in the can, no closer to the hole [Rule 24-1b]. Again, no penalty.  

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