Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ask Linda #1403a-Follow-ups to #1403 – Touching Boundary Stakes

Linda, if the player takes a backswing and dislodges the boundary stake, then discontinues his swing, is it possible to replace the stake as it was originally, then make another swing, no penalty?
Lou from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Dear Lou,

Absolutely not. The penalty is incurred as soon as the stake is dislodged and the player discontinues his swing. Replacing the stake does not erase the penalty. Please read the question and answer below.

Dear Linda
Would your readers like to know that if the player dislodged (or removed) the stake and incurred a penalty he does not have to replace it before making his stroke? 
Best wishes.
Lou from Holywood

Dear Lou,

Absolutely. Whether you make the mistake of removing an out-of-bounds stake (OB stakes are “fixed” and may not be removed), or you accidentally dislodge one with a stroke and discontinue your swing, there is no escaping the two-stroke penalty. The smart play, after you incur the penalty, is to hit your next shot with the stake removed and replace it afterwards [Decision 13-2/25].

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