Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ask Linda #1394-Ball from off green strikes attended flagstick

Hi Linda,
Player A is off the green and asks that the flag be attended. Player A hits the ball, and the person attending the flag does not remove the flag, and the ball hits the flagstick. Does player A incur a 2-stroke penalty even though he is off the green? In short, when you request that the flagstick be attended, no matter where you are, if the ball touches the flagstick, will you incur a 2-stroke penalty?
Lou from Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Lou,

Yes. The player who hits the ball incurs a two-stroke/loss-of-hole penalty if his ball strikes the flagstick when it is attended [Rule 17-3].

If the flagstick had been attended without the player’s knowledge or authority (meaning the player did not ask that the flagstick be attended or he was unaware someone had stepped over to attend it), the player attending the flagstick would incur the two-stroke penalty [Rule 17-2].

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