Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ask Linda #1393-Relief from aeration and top dressing on green

Thanks for providing such an informative and entertaining medium for learning the rules and etiquette of our great game. I have been a follower of yours for years.

The greens at our club were recently aerated and top-dressed, and we wondered if that had any effect on the rules governing sand removal from one's line and repairing marks other than ball marks that may have been caused by the aeration process.

Thanks again for your wonderful service to the game.
Lou from Placitas, New Mexico  

Dear Lou,

Sand and loose soil are defined as loose impediments on the putting green, so you may brush them off your line of putt [Definition of “Loose Impediments”].

You may not repair damage to the green other than ball marks [Rule 16-1c].

If your ball is sitting on an aeration hole on the green, and the Committee has adopted the Local Rule permitting relief from aeration holes, you may lift it off the aeration hole and place it as close to where it lay as possible, no closer to the hole [Appendix I, Part A, #3d].

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