Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ask Linda #1398-Request to mark and lift ball assisting play ignored

In stroke play, Jack chips his ball to 50cm from the hole and declares to his competitor that he wishes to mark his ball as he is entitled to (Rule 22). Before he can do so, the competitor chips his ball up to hole and uses Jack’s ball as a backstop. What penalty, if any, does the competitor incur?
Lulu from Motueka, New Zealand

Dear Lulu,

This is a very serious violation, Lulu. The Committee may decide to disqualify this player under Rule 3-4.

A player has the right to lift a ball that he feels might assist another competitor in his play [Rule 22-1]. Once the player states that he wishes to lift his ball, a competitor who ignores the request and continues playing is guilty of refusing to comply with a Rule that affects the rights of another player. Such a violation carries a penalty of disqualification.

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