Friday, November 20, 2015

Ask Linda #1196-Remove tee after very short drive

Hi Linda,
I recently played a few holes with a new club member who had only played social golf to introduce him to the rules of golf. On a par 4 hole his drive hit the ground a good 6 inches behind the ball and a bit of dirt/ grass or whatever dislodged his ball about 2 inches forward of his tee. I explained his ball was in play and he could re-tee the ball under stoke and distance penalty or play the ball as it lies. The trouble was his tee, still in the ground and about 1 1/2 inches high, was directly behind his ball. Can he remove the tee prior to the 2nd shot? I said he could remove his equipment, however later I couldn’t find anything in the rules to say that he can or can’t. Was I right/wrong or right with the wrong rule?

Lou from Australia

Dear Lou,

If players were not permitted to remove their tees from the teeing ground after their drives, the teeing grounds would become a minefield of debris, with nowhere to take a stance on a clean patch of ground.

Yes, of course you may (and should) remove your tee from the teeing ground after your stroke. The Rule you are looking for is 24-1a (Movable Obstruction), but you could also label it proper etiquette (caring for the course).

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