Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ask Linda #1185-Wrong ball fiasco

One of my golfing pals did this. He drove off the tee into a bush area, found his ball and played it out 20 yards up the fairway. As he hit the ball, another ball must have been against it, and it came out sideways next to his feet! He in his wisdom thought that it was his ball! And played it towards the green! He therefore played his own ball first, then played a wrong ball! What is the penalty here? 
Hope the description of the situation makes sense!
Lou from Larbert, Scotland

Dear Lou,

There is no penalty for dislodging a hidden ball when you hit your own ball, so count the swing that moved two balls as one stroke. 

In stroke play, the player incurred a two-stroke penalty when he continued play with the wrong ball. He must return to his original ball and complete play of the hole with that ball. Do not count that shot or any of the subsequent shots he made playing the wrong ball [Rule 15-3].

In match play, he lost the hole as soon as he played the wrong ball.

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