Friday, November 6, 2015

Ask Linda #1186-Check out hole locations prior to tournament

Hi Linda,
Our club has a major event for low handicap amateurs starting tomorrow.  One member who is caddying for a young golfer offered to take him out for a look at the course before his round begins, as he hasn't played here before.

Someone suggested that if he were to see the pin placements before beginning his round, he could be disqualified.  I don't know what rule, if any, would require this.  

I have only recently discovered your website and am enjoying your rules.
Lulu from Rye, Victoria, Australia

Dear Lulu,

There is no penalty for reviewing the golf course visually prior to playing.

However, there is a disqualification penalty for practicing on the course or testing the surface of any putting green on the course on the day of the competition [Rule 7-1b].

This is a stroke play Rule. In match play, a player is permitted to practice on the course before his round.

All of this being said, the Committee is permitted to prohibit practice on the course on the day of a match play competition or permit practice on the course on the day of a stroke play competition. Players must pay careful attention to the Conditions of the Competition that they receive from the Committee prior to any competition.

Young golfers (and their parents) should be encouraged to read the Rules of Golf and carry a copy in their golf bags. How disappointing it would be to be disqualified for a violation that could easily be avoided by checking the Rules.

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