Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ask Linda #1183-Use clothing to aid swing

Dear Linda,

The definition of Equipment states that anything used, worn or carried by the player is equipment. My question is whether the clothes the player wears are considered to be equipment and is it allowed to use parts of your clothes, e.g. fold it and keep it pressed under your armpits during the swing with the intention to make a better swing?

Thanks from a big fan of you from the Netherlands.

Dear Lou,

Anything worn by the player is, by Definition, “equipment.” A player is not permitted to use equipment in an unusual manner to assist him in his play [Rule 14-3]. Folding a piece of clothing (or a towel) and placing it under your arms to assist you in your swing is clearly a violation of Rule 14-3. The penalty is disqualification. In 2016, the penalty will change to two strokes (loss of hole) the first time the player breaches this Rule. Any subsequent breach will result in disqualification.

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