Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ask Linda #1190-Swing with a weighted doughnut during round

Dear Linda,
Decision 14-3/6.5 states that it is allowed holding a ball in your hand against a grip for practice swings or practice strokes. My question is whether it is allowed to install a “doughnut” to one of your clubs before making a practice swing, make a practice swing, and subsequently remove it from the club before making a stroke with it. (Of course making sure slow play is being prevented).
Lou from the Netherlands

Dear Lou,

A weighted doughnut is an artificial device that might assist a player in making a subsequent stroke. A player who swings a club with a weighted doughnut attaching during his round will be disqualified under Rule 14-3 [Decision 14-3/10]. Juli Inkster was disqualified from an LPGA tournament in 2010 for using such a device during a lull in play.

Please be aware that the penalty will change in 2016. The first time a player breaches the Rule he will incur a two-stroke penalty. The penalty for a subsequent breach is disqualification.

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